Today we celebrate with you our 11th anniversary with a huge event comeback!
Some years have passed and we have all developed further.
Even Dark Core Revolution has seen a lot in these 11 years,
and starts again with this collected experience!
During the last weeks we have changed a lot for you so that it is almost like a Dejavue,
as soon as you enter DCR again. We hope you enjoy this old charm and our upcoming event weeks.

If you have any suggestions, questions or problems - don't hesitate to contact someone in-game.
Alternatively you can use the ticket system and our discord server.
We are always happy about constructive feedback!

You get 100% more DP, experience and 100% more drops for the rest of October!
Throughout the whole period we will be organizing more GM events and invasions as well as Lord events for you.
Many useful and valuable items will be raffled in various events, which you shouldn't miss.

Fast leveling is rewarded! Be the first to reach the maximum level and get a Black LSD CS Set!
If you don't make it to the maximum level first, there is no need to worry!
The second place will be rewarded with a Black LSD Cloak, and the third place with a Black LSD Mask!

Samhain, the festival of ancestors and the dead, is already finding its way to us today.
Zombies have appeared everywhere in Madrigal, which must be fought!
Save Madrigal from the dark Halloween invasion again this year!

You will be richly rewarded! Get Zombie Hunter Tokens and exchange them at our
Event managers sew the mail in Flaris against a Halloween CS box or one of our Halloween models!

Get many stylish Halloween items from our Halloween CS Box.
From the Black Mummy Set to different Pumpkin Hats, strong Power Ups to funny and creepy CS Pets!

We hope you enjoy our work and we wish you lots of fun with our events! - DCR Staff