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    Hallo everyone,

    I want to talk about the run of my 120 Soul level, just because I experience this in the full beginner way (I don´t recommend it).

    First big thanks to the Lord #Tachycardia and #Vaggat.

    So the level 1-200 is 6min way we don´t need to talk about this.

    SL 1-10 super easy fun to do. SL 11-40 still easy to do. SL 41-80 getting harder but still ok. SL 81-115 we talk here about 0.27-0,53% exp. SL 116-120 no idea why is faster then the SL 81-115 I don´t get it why and maybe I will never get the answer about that.

    To be max lvl take me 22h 36m 45sec from the 22h I was 6h AFK.

    I did 5634 Perins 113k RC. Not bad.

    Monster bugg witch piss me off when you fight from higher ground the Monster get immun and takes 0 Dmg for 4sec. This was very sad experience for 1v1 Slayer...

    Rewords are amazing !!!! you have to do level to max Soul level at least ones .

    How I level up. I wanted a challenge so I said to my self I dont play whit my main Class (BP) and try the 1v1 Blade/Slayer. I had 8 Lord Events (again thanks for that) 1 Time unwonted Lord buffs. I used only the normal 5x exp scrolls from the NPC (CS Seller) Is. I created a Guild for the SL buffs (Guild lvl 51 must have!). To Soul level 80 is the best way to level at Revolution Forest after this buy a ticket for Forgotten Path and level there (you can go your way and go faster when you get 5,500 RC).

    So if I have the right to rate the server 4* from 5* I love DCR but we all know flyff was the best and DCR to at V14 :).

    Still thanks to the Admins and support you create a amazing server.

    Dark Core for life !!!!