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    Dear lovely community,

    We are happy to launch with you today V1.3.0!
    On this special patch we decide to give you something special and bring DCR back to life with some contents from the beginnings and give the whole server a reballancing.
    This includes all Items, Weapons, Sets, Fashion Sets and Skills (Except the Seraph and ForceMaster spells). This is now a balance base we can work with. In the course of changing the weapon effects maybe is your rarity destroyed. This is not a big deal, contact tigra and he will restore it for you!


    That is not all. We give all Dark Dungeons and Maduna a rework. No more fogs or colorings, and maduna got finally a minimap.
    We say also good beye to Eden Forest. Get now the Black LSD Fashion from the Blue Chips NPC!
    Play Colosseum, PVE Event and Rifts to get the best CS Fashion Set! In the course of this our Blue Chip Shop got a rework! Prices are rebalanced and the new Aura Wings are added for you!


    With the latest updates we tried to give flyff a touch from 2022.
    Now we want to extend this part with a new loot and instance system!
    You have now entrys with lootbuffs and when you reached the maximum runs with loot buffs you can still enter the instance.
    If you reached all runs with lootbuffs you earn instance stones wich can be used for entering a instance with higher loot!
    And hold on: Every party player who makes significant damage on the target get loot!


    To give you more inventory space we added the new Stash Inventory for you. Open it with "#" and import items with a simple right-click.
    This inventory have a special buff inventory wich is need because most of our potions are back with this patch! With ctrl + left click you activate the auto use function for this item!


    Find allover in Madrigal Mocomochis and get Magic Hearts from them! Trade them at our Event NPC in Flaris for awesome rewards!
    Explore the new Heart Balloons and from our webshop and event npc the new Pokemon Balloons!
    Additional to this you earn 100% more EXP, SL EXP and DPS / VPS! This Events ends at April 30th, 2022 - 23:59 p.m.


    - Eden Forest removed
    - Golden Crystal added to Atlantica
    - Blue Chips added in Rift Instances
    - Record Book fixed
    - Direct Reward Quest Board reworked
    - Dismantle Battery added in SL Reward Dismantle Box
    - Dark/Rartesia Monsters have now their correct names
    - Completely rebalance (Item, Set, Weapon, CS, Skills etc.)
    - All Potions are back (now not campatible with each other)
    - Instance Manager got a complete rework
    - Aura Wings added to Blue Chip Shop
    - New Instance Token added for Currency Display (Old ones can be exchanged for new ones at Julia in Flaris)
    - Bloody Sets have now the correct Item Score
    - Monster in the course of the balance adjustments rebalanced
    - PVE Event have now a new map! Check it out!
    - Global Stash System added
    - New Loot system added
    - Aura Wings added
    - Dark Behemoth is back in Instance manager
    - Pokemon Balloons added
    - Magic Heart Balloons added
    - Magic Heart Event added

    We hope you like the latest changes,


    Dear lovely all!

    We are back with the next patch for you! We hope you like the changes for our instance system, which will hopefully bring you more joy in farming the instances again!


    We have revised our Instance system and show you the result today!
    You now have the opportunity to do instances in several difficulties.
    With the four difficulties, the claim and the drop rate rises.

    On the simplest difficulties you can now farm instances alone!
    On normal it gets harder and the first item will be banned here: Golden Remantis Laccotte!
    Hard prohibits Golden Remantis Lacotte and Scroll of Holy, from here a seraph is recommended by us as a companion!

    Heroic instances are the hardest and have the highest drop rate!
    This is not for a weak nerve! No Golden Remantis Laccotte, Scroll of Holy or Resurrection!
    Can you master it with your group?


    - Instance Manager reworked
    - Instance Monster + droplists reworked
    - Old Instance Entrances back in our teleporter
    - Crackshooter, Harlequin, and Force Master Damage increased
    - Level Box is new calculated and works now correct
    - Scroll of Sprint added to Level Box
    - Giant Reward Box is new calculated and works now correct


    This weekend we have a small "before Easter" - Event for you!
    Receive this weekend: 100% SL Experience, 25% more PVE Damage, 50% more life, and Giftbox +1
    This event includes a 100% DP/VP Event! (Until April 10th, 2022 - 23:59 p.m. eu time.)


    Dear lovely all!

    The last days were not easy for us. With high pressure we have restored the PVE balance for you!

    To balance our pvp in the future we were forced to an important step. We have now reduced our potions to a minimum.
    All old useless potions can now be traded at julia in flaris (near mail box) for the regular potions.

    Its certainly annoying at first moment, but we can now look forward to a better PVP balancing in the future!

    Enough, time for good news!
    Event Quest Manager Kim is back in town! Talk to him for awesome buffs and a big present package!
    Our Event Manager in Flaris got a update to! Get brandnew stuff limited for a short time! (Until April 4th, 2022 - 23:59 p.m. eu time)

    Get the new Digivice Skins or a Digimon as Pet! Get the new permanent beads and the new Digivice Glyph!
    Earn in this time additional 100% on your EXP/DP/VP! (Until April 4th, 2022 - 23:59 p.m. eu time)


    - PVE Balance and all monsters adjusted

    - Shiny Rhisis Book is now a Shiny Rhisis Bracelet

    - Guild House Fee can now be paid for more then two days

    - Improvements for our Instance Manager

    - Improvements for our Wing Masks

    - Improvements for our Pets (not final)

    - Improvements for all Dark Dungeons

    - All potions are merged and can now be traded at Julia

    - Wiki cleaned up!

    - New Terminator Glasses added in our Hair Fashion NPC

    - Aviator Shade Sunglasses added in our Hair Fashion NPC

    - Digivice Hands added for our new event


    Dear lovely all,

    You surely noticed that our bug-report channels are clean.
    We take the last weeks for many fixes to make the game more stable.
    Expect many fixes for client crashes and fps problems on some maps!

    We did also in the last weeks a big adjustment on our pve and pvp balance.
    All classes have now Pull Skills, a Target and a non Target AOE Spell even the Slayer!
    You have now the oppertunity to farm currencys or quest items without a second character.

    Enough words today - here are our patchnotes:


    - PVE and PVP Balance Adjusted
    - All monsters got a adjustment in follow of the new balance
    - All visual names from monsters removed and will now appear on mouse hover
    - Every Class received now a Pull, Target and non Target AOE Spell
    - The fonts in the awake window got a rework
    - Violence Beads in Alchemy Bead Treasure Box added
    - Justice Beads in Alchemy Bead Trasure Box added
    - Instance Friendship in Alchemy Premium Treasure Box added
    - General Upgrade increased
    - Shiny Forcegem added to Maduna instance
    - Glyphs and Belts will be unarmed by using Jobchange Orbs
    - Diamond Exchange ajdusted (Exchange now S to R Diamonds)
    - Spider in Maduna Instance fixed
    - Drops in Dark Tramnuk adjusted
    - Moonstones can now be exchanged to oricalkum at Peach
    - Golden Crystals at the Forgotten Path Giants increased
    - Premium Rift drops adjusted
    - The time from the daily buffs is now stackable
    - Item Transy for Dark Kalgas and Black Revolution fixed
    - Black Revolution Slayer Set received Critical Chance
    - Black Revolution ForceMaster Set received Critical Chance
    - Time from Font Editor increased (now 12h)
    - Crash if you have not selected a currency in player shop is now fixed
    - Instance lose by leaving a party is now fixed
    - Card Upgrade requirement is now fixed
    - Life / FP / MP display is now in k / m by clicking on it
    - Player shops save now the last items
    - Party Private mode added (Hide it from the partyfinder)
    - God Buffs Shortcut to the start menu added
    - Mail Box Shortcut to the start menu added
    - A issue with our dismantle collector is now fixed - Crash fixes - Some description adjustments

    We want to celebrate the new patch with you with a huge event!
    Get the rest of the week 100% more EXP, SL EXP and yes: DP and VP!
    Additional to this we decide to make something special this time for you:
    Earn this week 50% more life, 25% more pve damage and hold on: Giftbox +1!
    (Until March 3th, 2022 - 23:59 p.m.)

    We wish you alot of fun with the new patches,


    Dear lovely all!

    We are back with the following patchnotes for you!


    The new Shiny Weapons are added in our Maduna Instance. With these weapons are completely new option available for you!

    Get the new Spell Book for Seraph, Arcanist and Mentalist! Get the new Shiny Two Handed Axes for Templar wich can be combinated with a shield!
    Explore new weapon effects wich help you to defeat giants much easier then ever before!


    The Dismantle Dark Crystals are now gone and got repleaced with our new Dismantle Trees.
    Collect the new Dismantle Trees to farm much easier Crystals, Potions, Beads and hold on: Donate Stuff!


    The new Alchemy Treasure Boses are arrived!

    Alchemy Potion Treasure Box: We added all available potions to this one Treasure Box. Earn by opening up to 5 Items with one click!

    Every potion you will earn have a own random amount you can get! For example: Open one box and get 5, 10, or more potions.

    Alchemy Bead Treasure Box: We added all available beads in this one Treasure Box. Earn by opening up to 3 beads with one click!

    Alchemy Premium Treasure Box: We added in this box many rare crafting items and many items from our DP Shop!
    Earn Premium, Rarity Reroll, Premium Rift Key and many more valueable stuff!


    You are tired from farming golden crystals? We bring the solution: Premium Rift!
    Farm Rift Stones and trade them at our Rift Shop NPC in Flaris for Golden Crystals!


    - Shiny Weapons added
    - Premium Rift added
    - Perin Shop prices adjusted
    - Some fashion hats looks now correct
    - Bloody Sets now available at our Perin Shop
    - Dismantle Dark Crystals Removed
    - Dismantle Trees adde
    - Alchemy Treasure Boxes added in Perin Shop
    - Forgotten Paths Giants drop now Golden Crystals
    - Maduna Teleporter radius increased
    - All Instances up to Dark Ancient are nerfed
    - Scroll of Item Drop Low und and High removed from Level Box
    - Templar Pull Skill Animation changed
    - Normal Dark Behemots Bow is now bigger
    - Ticket to Coral, Azria, Rartesia, and Dark Rartesia removed from npcs
    - Coral Island, Azria, Rartesia, and Dark Rartesia added to our Teleporter

    We hope you like our changes,


    Dear lovely all!

    We are back with a farm event and some fixes for you!


    Our Event Quest Manager Kimi is arrived on Dark-Core-Revolution for the first time, and he bring awesome presents to you!
    Get a FREE VIP for 7 DAYS and a GIFTBOX BUFF for one whole week!

    Thats not all!
    Our Farm Map is back in our teleporter. Farm quest items for valuable rewards!
    Dont miss the new Shadow Event Glyph! ( SL EXP+250%, 55% HP Rate and 35% PVE Damage)
    Youre out of Scroll of Holy and Resurrection? No Problem! Our Event Manager will help you out!
    We give you for the whole weekend (until february 13th, 2022 - 23:59) 100% VP/DP/EXP/SL-EXP and we add a HP and PVE Damage Event for you ingame!


    - Instance Stone quest required now 10 instance stones (before 20)
    - Black Revolution Armor Item Score adjusted
    - Black Armor Belts Item Score adjusted
    - Gold Instance gives you now 2 instance stones
    - Killer Mushroom in Maduna got some skills
    - Description from yellow fairy recipe is now correct
    - PVE Damage Totems have now a spawnpoint
    - Stat-Pet Skins added in PvE Shop Emily
    - Shadow Event Glyph added
    - Enchanted Quest Monster nerfed and drops increased
    - Shadow Event added
    - Shadow Event Quest added

    We wish you alot of fun,

    Dear lovely all!
    We are back with the update, that many of you have been waiting for.
    Expects new very powerful belts and new equipment with this update!



    Challenge the new maduna instance and get our new powerful belts with myterious effects!
    Find and get also many rare items! Get the new Black Revolution Armor and explore the power of our (R) Diamonds and new stuff from our Boss Boxes (R)!

    This instance is not for a weak nerve! For this reason, it is only allowed to enter veterans who have already received the previous end armor!
    For entering maduna is required: Dark Kalgas Armor +20, Belt +20, Black-Soul Accessory +20, and slightly awakes.


    But that is not all. If you meet this requirements you have to bring an tribut to finally enter.
    Play allover instances and get the new instances stones, you have now the option to trade this stones for maduna keys at Phoho in flaris!
    Phoho is a item collector and is always in search of rare items!


    - Goldhunter ist now directly a CS-Buff Pet
    - Some instances have now entrys instead of cooldown
    - Daily Entrys from all instances are increased
    - Scroll of Holy and Resurrection prices adjusted
    - Scroll of Holy and Resurrection in level box increased
    - Fairys have now a decent white animation
    - Cyclops in Dark Volcano have now a walk animation
    - Visual effects from all potions removed
    - Dark Behemots Bow (normal) added to Dark Behemoth
    - FFA min player issue is fixed
    - FFA min pleyer decreased
    - Allover instance boss monsters nerfed
    - Maduna instance added
    - Black Belts added
    - Phoho Quest NPC added
    - Instance Stones added
    - Instance Key added
    - Item Score removed from all weapons
    - Item Score added to Belts
    - Item Score adjusted
    - Gear Score requirement back for endgme
    - Shiny Hunter Buffs duration increased
    - Every instance gives now instance stones as instance reward (two in gold instnces)
    - Revolution Chip droprate in Forgotten Path increased

    We hope you like our new content and the latest changes,


    Dear lovely all!

    We are finally back with our new content and alot of improvements and fixes!


    Our GodBuffs are now improved and gives you much better buffs!


    The new Shiny Hunter Reonan NPC is arrived in Flaris and is waiting for your help to defeat strong shiny monsters!
    These rare reward buffs are now available with these quests:

    Soul Level 120
    Shinys Treasure HunterGiftbox +1
    Soul Level 120Shinys Experience HunterSoul Experience +200%
    Soul Level 120Shinys Monster HunterPvE Damage +30%
    Soul Level 120Shinys Player HunterPVP Damage +20%
    Soul Level 120Shinys Lucky DropDrop Rate +25%


    Get the new fairy through the new quests in flaris! Defeat monsters, collect items and earn your strengthening!


    The new Dark Volcane Instanz is now arrived in our Instance Manager.
    Get the new Dark Volcane Glpyhs and the brandnew Black-Soul Accessory!




    Atlantica Farm Map is now out in our Teleporter! Do daily quest hunt shinys and get your items for your fairy!


    - Szenario and PvE Match have now more life
    - New Quest "The Way of the Worrior" added to our Daily Buff Priest NPC
    - Description from Lightning Beads are now correct
    - VIP Effects improved (now: Allstat+30, SL Experience +100%, DCT +65%, HP-Rate +25%, ATK-Power +15%, PvE Damage +20%, Speed +50%, Jumping +30%, Penya Rate +10%)
    - Silver Battery is now available at IS
    - Gold Battery is now available at Revolution Shop
    - Collecting is now generally faster
    - Gold Ingot selling price increased
    - PVP Point Shop got new rewards
    - Dark Emerald Necklace Recipe fixed
    - Shiny Hunter NPC added
    - Shiny Hunter Quests added
    - Atlantica Farm Map added
    - New Fairys added
    - Fairys Quests added
    - Rift Shop got new rewards
    - Red Chip Shop new rewards added
    - Dark Volcano Instance added
    - Black Soul Accessory added
    - Dark Volcane Glyphs added
    - Dark Kalgas Permanent Glyphs are now availabe in Dark Kalgas
    - Psykeepers Skill Psychic Wall is now a Pull Skill
    - FFA Mode got improved
    - Dark dungeons are now brighter
    - Some other decriptions fixed
    - Issue with player shop and inventory sort fixed
    - Issue with fulll inventory and luckyboxes fixed
    - /awake is now fixed (Opens the awake window for non vip users and do directly awake on first item slot for vip users)

    Dear lovely all!

    We would like to apologize for the coated time in all courtesy.
    For compensaton, we have considered something for you, more later.

    We are now back with a giant update and look forward to presenting you the result.


    You now have the option to save your accounts in the client. Account Sharing without sharing your password? No Problem!
    In your client folder is another folder with the name Client. After you saved a account you can find the fle Accountinfo.ini in this folder.
    In ths file is your account id with an unique code, thats your encrypted password. You can share it without share your clean password!


    Youre tired from leveling but you want to change your class? Thats no problem now.
    You can now find our new Perin Shop n Flars near Lui. Just use one of our new Orbs and change your class!


    In the near of our other Daily Quest Board is now our new Daily Buff Priest. Do things for her and she give you some different Buffs depends on our Soul Level.

    Soul Level 00-29
    Experience Boost
    Experience +100%
    Soul Level 00-29
    Accelerator Boost
    Speed +20%
    Soul Level 00-29Magical Boost
    Decresed Casting Time +25%
    Soul Level 00-29Defender Boost
    HP-Rate +15%
    Soul Level 00-29Hunter Boost
    Attack Power Rate +15%
    Soul Level 30-74Soul Experience Bliss
    Soul Experience +100%
    Soul Level 30-74LifeguardHP-Rate +20%
    Soul Level 30-74Justice Fist
    Crtical Damage +10%
    Soul Level 30-74Monster Hunter
    PvE Damage +10%
    Soul Level 30-74Magical Breeze
    Magic Attack +10%
    Soul Level 75-119Increased Soul Experience Bliss
    Soul Experience +150%
    Soul Level 75-119Increased Lifeguard
    HP-Rate +25%
    Soul Level 75-119Increased Justice Fist
    Critical Damage +15%
    Soul Level 75-119Increased Monster Hunter
    PvE Damage +15%
    Soul Level 75-119Increased Magical Breeze
    Magic Attack +15%
    Soul Level 120Warriors Defender
    Block Melee/Range +20%
    Soul Level 120Warriors Lifeguard
    HP-Rate +30%
    Soul Level 120Warrors Justice Fist
    Critical Damage +20%
    Soul Level 120Warriors Monster Hunter
    PvE Damage +20%
    Soul Level 120Warriors Magical Breeze
    Magic Attack +20%


    VIP Players have now three new features. Get now your class selfbuffs with /Buff and use /awake for awakenings. (Wll be pad wth revoluton chips.)
    We receved some messages from you in the last days and there was a really nice suggeston: Insta Pickup! VIP players now pick up all items automatically!
    You do not want some objects? Set it with the pet filter!


    It was time for the first upgrade for our armor belts. Get now the new runes recipes by defeating Red Meteonyker in Volcano Instance!


    With this patch you now also have the opportunity to awake your accessory and your glyphs!


    Do not miss our new permanent beads in our new perin shop! These beads can be removed from your Pet at any time!


    The new direct reward Daily Quest Board (red) is arrived in Flaris! Receive a valuable reward right after completing a quest!


    Our Collector Area was completely reworked! Collect now valuable item pieces wich can be exchanged at collins for full items!


    We did a complete rework on our pvp and pve balance. All classes got a life increase and all physical damage classes got a damage increase.
    After these changes we did also a rework on all our instance and farm monsters! We did also a complete improvement for pvp matches!


    Here are our patchotes at a glance:

    - Soul Level EXP Table adjusted
    - Collectorfield got new items and a exchanger
    - FFA is now fixed and can be used
    - Forgotten Path monsters have received a new look!
    - Forgotten Path Giants are now bigger
    - Crafting Rate from the Materials increased
    - Transy Scroll now dissappear after using
    - DCR Kheldor Cloak have now more experience
    - Revolution Glyph have now more experience
    - Card Upgrade scrolls now available in our Boss Box Cards (S)
    - EXP from monsters in revolution forest increased
    - EXP from monsters in forgotten path increased
    - EXP from monsters in our premium areal increased
    - New Daily Quest with direct reward added
    - New Daily Buff Quests added
    - Frozen Oricalkum have now the correct description
    - Set Effect from the Dark Almighty Fashion are now correct
    - Elemental PvP Potion fixed
    - Shadowhunter cant be deleted anymore
    - Damage Test Totem has received more life
    - Price from Glow Scrolls in Revolution Shop decreased
    - Duration from Templar Buff Tower of Heart increased
    - Scorpion spawns in eden forest increased
    - soul beads are now fixed
    - accessory can now be awaked
    - glyphs can now be awaked
    - Revolution Forest have now giants
    - New VIP Privilege: Insta Pickup
    - New VIP Privilege: /buff
    - New VIP Privilege /awake
    - Christmas Event is now over
    - Cimetiere's Scream have now a other animaton
    - Jobchange Orbs added in Pern Shop in Flars
    - Premum Map dfficulties reoworked
    - Force Master AOE Spell fixed
    - New Runes added
    - New Rune Recipes added
    - Wrong Icons from Dark-Soul Accessory are now correct
    - Description from Superiority Potions are now correct
    - Description from Scroll of Card Upgrades are now correct
    - Description from Dark/Black LSD Fashion Recipes are now correct
    - Physical Damage Classes received a damage increase
    - All classes received a life increase
    - pvp balance improvements


    As compensation for the long downtime we decide to add a 100% Soul Experience Event for the whole next week!
    After many asking we decide to start another DP Event. Get 100% more DPS for the next week also! (Until January 23, 2021)

    We hope you like our changes,

    Dear lovely all!

    We are about to patch something for you, please logout until 14:45 p.m. eu time.
    This time we need more time for the changes on our live servers so were back latest at 22 p.m. eu time.

    Expects many new things and improvements!

    Thank you,