• Dear lovely all!

    We would like to apologize for the coated time in all courtesy.
    For compensaton, we have considered something for you, more later.

    We are now back with a giant update and look forward to presenting you the result.


    You now have the option to save your accounts in the client. Account Sharing without sharing your password? No Problem!
    In your client folder is another folder with the name Client. After you saved a account you can find the fle Accountinfo.ini in this folder.
    In ths file is your account id with an unique code, thats your encrypted password. You can share it without share your clean password!


    Youre tired from leveling but you want to change your class? Thats no problem now.
    You can now find our new Perin Shop n Flars near Lui. Just use one of our new Orbs and change your class!


    In the near of our other Daily Quest Board is now our new Daily Buff Priest. Do things for her and she give you some different Buffs depends on our Soul Level.

    Soul Level 00-29
    Experience Boost
    Experience +100%
    Soul Level 00-29
    Accelerator Boost
    Speed +20%
    Soul Level 00-29Magical Boost
    Decresed Casting Time +25%
    Soul Level 00-29Defender Boost
    HP-Rate +15%
    Soul Level 00-29Hunter Boost
    Attack Power Rate +15%
    Soul Level 30-74Soul Experience Bliss
    Soul Experience +100%
    Soul Level 30-74LifeguardHP-Rate +20%
    Soul Level 30-74Justice Fist
    Crtical Damage +10%
    Soul Level 30-74Monster Hunter
    PvE Damage +10%
    Soul Level 30-74Magical Breeze
    Magic Attack +10%
    Soul Level 75-119Increased Soul Experience Bliss
    Soul Experience +150%
    Soul Level 75-119Increased Lifeguard
    HP-Rate +25%
    Soul Level 75-119Increased Justice Fist
    Critical Damage +15%
    Soul Level 75-119Increased Monster Hunter
    PvE Damage +15%
    Soul Level 75-119Increased Magical Breeze
    Magic Attack +15%
    Soul Level 120Warriors Defender
    Block Melee/Range +20%
    Soul Level 120Warriors Lifeguard
    HP-Rate +30%
    Soul Level 120Warrors Justice Fist
    Critical Damage +20%
    Soul Level 120Warriors Monster Hunter
    PvE Damage +20%
    Soul Level 120Warriors Magical Breeze
    Magic Attack +20%


    VIP Players have now three new features. Get now your class selfbuffs with /Buff and use /awake for awakenings. (Wll be pad wth revoluton chips.)
    We receved some messages from you in the last days and there was a really nice suggeston: Insta Pickup! VIP players now pick up all items automatically!
    You do not want some objects? Set it with the pet filter!


    It was time for the first upgrade for our armor belts. Get now the new runes recipes by defeating Red Meteonyker in Volcano Instance!


    With this patch you now also have the opportunity to awake your accessory and your glyphs!


    Do not miss our new permanent beads in our new perin shop! These beads can be removed from your Pet at any time!


    The new direct reward Daily Quest Board (red) is arrived in Flaris! Receive a valuable reward right after completing a quest!


    Our Collector Area was completely reworked! Collect now valuable item pieces wich can be exchanged at collins for full items!


    We did a complete rework on our pvp and pve balance. All classes got a life increase and all physical damage classes got a damage increase.
    After these changes we did also a rework on all our instance and farm monsters! We did also a complete improvement for pvp matches!


    Here are our patchotes at a glance:

    - Soul Level EXP Table adjusted
    - Collectorfield got new items and a exchanger
    - FFA is now fixed and can be used
    - Forgotten Path monsters have received a new look!
    - Forgotten Path Giants are now bigger
    - Crafting Rate from the Materials increased
    - Transy Scroll now dissappear after using
    - DCR Kheldor Cloak have now more experience
    - Revolution Glyph have now more experience
    - Card Upgrade scrolls now available in our Boss Box Cards (S)
    - EXP from monsters in revolution forest increased
    - EXP from monsters in forgotten path increased
    - EXP from monsters in our premium areal increased
    - New Daily Quest with direct reward added
    - New Daily Buff Quests added
    - Frozen Oricalkum have now the correct description
    - Set Effect from the Dark Almighty Fashion are now correct
    - Elemental PvP Potion fixed
    - Shadowhunter cant be deleted anymore
    - Damage Test Totem has received more life
    - Price from Glow Scrolls in Revolution Shop decreased
    - Duration from Templar Buff Tower of Heart increased
    - Scorpion spawns in eden forest increased
    - soul beads are now fixed
    - accessory can now be awaked
    - glyphs can now be awaked
    - Revolution Forest have now giants
    - New VIP Privilege: Insta Pickup
    - New VIP Privilege: /buff
    - New VIP Privilege /awake
    - Christmas Event is now over
    - Cimetiere's Scream have now a other animaton
    - Jobchange Orbs added in Pern Shop in Flars
    - Premum Map dfficulties reoworked
    - Force Master AOE Spell fixed
    - New Runes added
    - New Rune Recipes added
    - Wrong Icons from Dark-Soul Accessory are now correct
    - Description from Superiority Potions are now correct
    - Description from Scroll of Card Upgrades are now correct
    - Description from Dark/Black LSD Fashion Recipes are now correct
    - Physical Damage Classes received a damage increase
    - All classes received a life increase
    - pvp balance improvements


    As compensation for the long downtime we decide to add a 100% Soul Experience Event for the whole next week!
    After many asking we decide to start another DP Event. Get 100% more DPS for the next week also! (Until January 23, 2021)

    We hope you like our changes,

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