• Dear lovely all,

    We noticed your wish for a reset.

    This is a difficult choice which is not easy to made. But in fact dcr can't run forever like it runs today and on the other side dcr have basically no more bugs and issues. This situation let us see the past as a alpha version of something great. We take now the next weeks to create the final version of Dark-Core-Revolution for you!

    We are back online with our 'final' version, new stuff and a big celebrating on July 15th, 2022!

    Prepare your friends and start with them in a new era!

    The current live server will be still online until we are finished our work and the testings on our live server will start. There will be another announcement for it in time!



  • Selectah

    Changed the title of the thread from “RESET 1ST JULY” to “RESET JULY 15TH”.

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