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    Posted the thread V1.2.2.
    Dear lovely all!

    We would like to apologize for the coated time in all courtesy.
    For compensaton, we have considered something for you, more later.

    We are now back with a giant update and look forward to presenting you the result.


    You now have the option to…
  • Selectah

    Posted the thread Maintenance.
    Dear lovely all!

    We are about to patch something for you, please logout until 14:45 p.m. eu time.
    This time we need more time for the changes on our live servers so were back latest at 22 p.m. eu time.

    Expects many new things and improvements!

    Thank you,

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    Reacted with Like to Nook’s post in the thread Board URL.
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    Board URL currently has /forum at the end of it. This can be fixed with the DNS using CNAME. If this is already set up then the issue is that the boards are in a folder in the subdomains folder, Move the files from the board